I Am

The vibes I have endured
when I find myself in the presence of you,
You can tell,
You can see it with your own two eyes.

The glow that appears upon my vibrant melanin skin,
My face becomes a blushing red, but not too much to where I am sad,….

These are my most happiest days.

I am a different person
I am willing to be myself
To go the extra mile
because I know that’s when I am in my purest
I am at peace.
I am soulful,
I am the soulful being of light
The sun
The moon
that peaks through your everlasting darkness.

Just like when you come near me your body starts to tremble

You become unaware of the feelings I bring upon you.

I see you for who are because we are one in the same.

I am…..

To Love And Not Be Loved

I have been in denial for so long,

that I have been holding on to this feeling.

A feeling of what feels like: hurt and betrayal.

I ask myself how can you look in the mirror,

with the most saddest look on your face…

What have I done to you?

What have they done to you?

Holding on to a secret…

A secret so deep it cut me in my chest,

and as I was bleeding so helplessly…

I wondered, where have you been all of this time, where has all of these feelings been!

You’ve held on so long, you’ve held on so strong, but who’s holding on strong for you, who’s going to BE strong for you….

You feel alone don’t you?

You feel as if the world is against you, against the thought that you might just be that girl.

I can tell you’re scared,

scared of the thought that you might just be that girl you’ve been in denial of…..

I Got To Have You

I woke up this morning with this feeling,
A feeling in my stomach that was too vague to describe,
That it had so much power over my body it made me clinch
Made me want to crave you,
Crave the elegance of you.

I had to keep my composure.
But I knew after last night,

I was most definite that
I was on one mission and that consisted of having you…..to myself.

When I seen you in that blue jean baby,
With the blue jean fitted jacket and the pants that coordinated oh so effortlessly.

Just writing this brought back so many memories.

But baby, when that blue jean sat upon your body so satisfying,
You could see the thickness pop out through the peak of every curve
Through every inch on your body.

For me to peak out the corner of my eye just to get that glimpse
A glimpse of that beautiful brown skin
A glimpse of those sexy sweet deep dimples.

Y’all, I almost took this man to the bathroom:

So for me to act like I wasn’t watching and then I saw him pass me by with a walk so carelessly.

Oh yeah, I had it planned out so smooth.
I told myself: “Im taking that fine man home with me tonight”!

Playing it off like I wasn’t pressed to jump right on that.
Right on him.
Right on top of that thick monster.

Kept my mind calm, and collected.
Kept my hands classy, but nasty like
So just incase, I was prepared.

But knowing how I was staring him up then down….
Oh, and I do mean down.

Any second I could’ve ripped his clothing off piece by piece, proceeding to the route of giving myself to him.

Not worrying about who was watching.
Most definitely not worried about who wanted to listen,
To the sounds of our voices….
To his voice intertwining with mine.

In that same breath I could feel my pulse intensifying,
The pulse between my sacred golden walls, that is.

You ever get the feeling of it pulsating beyond your control,
So you just let the juices flow freely…

When I think about him that’s exactly how I feel.
Soaking into pure serenity.

Speak Words of Beauty

We often forget how much power we have in our tongue.

I mean we literally have the ability to speak things into existence, be it good or bad.

So to this I say, speak words of beauty and they will truly appear.

Manifest greatness in your life by literally speaking what you want into your reality.

The sky is the limit so technically there is no limit.

The possibilities are infinite and all you have to do is believe in your power.

Speak what you see until you see what you’ve said.

Do not give life to negative things or dead weight.

Allow your spirit to guide you and take you places beyond what your eyes can see.

You are capable. You are enough. You are worthy.

Have faith because faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

But remember that faith without works is dead, so do not be hesitant to go for what you desire.

I want you to write the vision down and make it plain.

Train your thoughts to see nothing but success and execute.

We will have obstacles but you will never endure anything you cannot overcome.

The most high has given each of us a spirit of love, power, and self discipline.

We are exactly where we need to be in order to go where we are meant to go.

If you are reading this, I speak nothing but prosperity and peace into your life.

With light and love,


The Exact Opposite

I can never be duplicated, never be the same as you, and you will never be me.

Feeling as though you mock my every move,
Trying to make it into your own….
Just to say you did it too.

Failing to realize,
Failing on forgetting that there are something’s I possess that you can’t match even if you tried.

…I laugh typing this because I try not to sound cocky but honestly,

I have every right to feel that you’re no better than I.
You’re not me, and I am just not…you!

There needs to be:

Clarification on this soul of mines I have watered so purely,
Understanding I was born with this elegant demeanor.

The determination of how hard you’re trying to be above me….
but unable to reach the same peak of my satisfaction.

You will never be:

Satisfied if you keep trying to pirate my style.

A You and I Thing

Baby focus on me

Sweet baby, get ahold of me

I honestly don’t want my lovin’ surrendering to anyone but you

This feeling doesn’t even seem new

In fact it feels quite familiar

It’s almost like I knew you in another life

But time must’ve had us a lil bewildered

Either way, I’m here now

And there’s no need to question if I’m staying down

You don’t have to doubt

I want to wrap you in the best parts of me

I want to kiss your wounds and nurture your peace

On my Alicia Keys, baby your secrets are safe with me

I’ve never had forever but with you I’m willing to go the distance

Let’s make this an us thing

Don’t need the world in our business

What’s My Purpose

To be put here,
Here on this magical moving planet,
Placed with minimal inspiration with little to no instructions on my true purposefulness,
On what I am destined to fulfill or who I am destined to pursue so vigorously.

Let’s not forget:
I am a walking asset in the spirit of my holy God!

I find it sinister that I was place we expect the unexpected, to always proceed but to do so with caution.

Then it was resonates in my mind on how I am supposed to be greater than who I used to be in my past life but also being around those who don’t have the mental capacity to understand I am exceptionally more than my highs and my lows.

If you were to ask straightforward, no sugarcoating why was I put on this earth, truth be told I wouldn’t have just one answer.

I wasn’t meant to be limited or put in a box where I am unable to spread these tranquil vibes.

I am my vulnerable self when it comes to serving.
Whether it be as this beautiful African American woman or to be that someone you most cherish when you need her.

I’ve always been told to never forget where you come from
And never forget how you got here.

If you’re unable to water my love. water my pure ness. my plants. my heart. water my peace,
Then I have said all there is.